India with more than 24 regional languages has a huge potential & market for publishing houses. But, in order to survive in the present digital age publishers must find engaging ways to re-package their content as products and services & make it available across multiple platforms. It is essential for the publishing industry to embrace the unique properties of digital content, such as its ability to be shared instantaneously across multiple platforms, monetize content & so on.

Post the IT boom, the traditional publishers in India have entered the ePublishing market with a view to increase circulation and find new readership. The adoption of eBooks by Indian consumers is still at a nascent stage but is poised for rapid growth in the years to come. The availability of better and user-friendly devices and robust e-reading infrastructure in the future would ensure tremendous growth of this medium. Moreover, there are fundamental constraints pertaining to the behavioral aspects that need to be changed before eBooks can become popular in India.

Piracy and subscription fraud also pose significant challenges to the publishing industry, especially in the digital world, where the illegitimate use of copyrighted materials is pervasive. With day to day changing landscape due to emergence of new technologies & ever changing legislative and regulatory changes, responding to piracy and fraud is another evolving challenge.

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