Consumer Packaged Goods

Industries where product success is largely determined by consumer perception, requires an approach which is not only in accordance with the consumer preferences but which redefines their tastes & desires. Changing trends, shorter product life cycles, fluctuating seasonal demands & ever prevailing friction between Brand owners & Private Label to gain consumer’s attention requires Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers to adapt a flexible & congenial road map to promptly serve global market.

To enhance consumer experience with the products it is essential for CPG retail companies to manage complex supply chain, reduce inventory & apply advanced analytics to accurately forecast demand & changing market scenario. Eroding brand loyalty, stringent regulatory constraints, complex product portfolio (due to increase in product variants) have further driven CPG firms to rethink their retail strategies. Leveraging on latest technology CPG firms need to revitalize product lines, develop powerful BRANDS, tackle government regulations, optimize product shelving & serve new demands promptly streamlining demand driven operations.

Arcean Solutions works with companies in this sector to help them in cost optimization, synchronizing operations, accurate forecasting & replenishment based around cutting edge technology and ensuring availability of quality products. Taking advantage of Arcean Information Technology solutions for better consumer insights, product innovation, trade promotions, food safety compliances, formulation & packaging CPG manufacturers can re-engineer the way they meet end consumer’s needs in a more systematic & effective manner.

Global consumer packaged goods companies – ranging from food, beverages, tobacco, health and beauty aids, household and packaging products have benefitted with Arcean Customized solutions to manage complex business processes and to increase product appeal.