Commitment To Excellence

Arcean Solutions brings a strong project and Management culture to every engagement. We did not start as a technology company, but instead as the captive arm of SME. Our experience has given us an edge on delivering complex and end-to-end project solutions. Our project expertise is reflected in a strong methodology and the development and use of our proprietary tools.

We track the progress of projects and programs with home grown tracking tool “Stafftrack”, our proprietary engagement management tool that is available to all of our clients. Stafftrack provides a graphic representation of project-related status, such as productivity, effort, cash flow, and defects density. It also looks at personal metrics such as targets and individual progress.

Stafftrack benefits include:
Analysis :Conduct effective business analysis and decision making through targeted reports.
Standardization :Set uniform standards across an organization and build a repository of information for estimation and project monitoring.
Action :Understand project status and progress so you can easily make decisions and take action.
Continuous improvement : Identify strengths and potential areas of improvement.
Comparisons : Look at performance comparisons against set benchmarks to predict a future course of action.
Indicators : Set indicators to warn when metrics are non-conformant with established benchmarks.
Quality. Track project quality and trace deviations as well as to assess continuous project improvements.