Power Of Performance

Arcean Solutions Culture
Our culture has mix of both worlds, striking the best balance of all the offshore firms. Most of our Arcean Solution’s management team has extensive domestic and international experience, and understands our clients’ culture.

Technical & Domain Expertise
Arcean Solutions is specialized in verticals and horizontals rather than just regions and development centers. With our deep domain expertise in key verticals and providing solutions for SME’s, we are a highly project-oriented firm that can take complete responsibility for small to medium development and integration projects, and for delivering bottom line for SME’s.

Arcean Solutions has deep technology expertise across a wide range of competencies. Technology competency and the quality of our people speak themselves.

Always with You
Arcean Solutions go to extraordinary lengths to solve problems, or just help out. Our people model attracts talented, highly motivated and can-do attitude individuals. Our flexibility, responsiveness, ownership and the assurance that we will never let you down is core to our delivery model. If problems arise, we get to the bottom of it instead of getting in blame game. Our people are proud of our track record and work hard to contribute to our stellar service reputation. We have never had a termination for non delivery or non performance.